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👋 Hey there! I'm Christy, a product designer based in Hong Kong/Shenzhen, and I turn ideas into beautiful and functional designs. Let's work together to create something amazing!

Hi there! I'm Christy, a product manager/designer based in Hong Kong. With over 7 years of experience in building and launching various products, including financing, B2B, e-commerce, and healthcare products, I consider myself an outcome-driven professional with solid strategic insight.

While I accidentally stumbled upon product management, I found myself enjoying the complexity of multi-disciplinary collaboration and transitioned into it. Working with enterprise, mid-size, and early-stage companies has taught me to focus on a user-centric, multi-disciplinary, and design-thinking approach to product management.

My design process involves conducting thorough research, conceptualizing, and iterating until I arrive at a solution that meets your specific needs. I'm proficient in industry-standard design tools such as Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and Sketch.

As a creative problem-solver, I love collaborating with clients to create designs that exceed their expectations. Whether you're looking for a new website design, a branding overhaul, or an engaging user experience, I'm confident that I can deliver the results you're looking for. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!

Check out my projects to see some examples of my work.

📨 Email me at [email protected] to discuss projects.

🤙 Or give me a call at +86 13714390716.

Thanks for stopping by!

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My projects

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